Casio G-Shock Frogman series,is probably the most sought after G-shock watches of all time. Many G-Shock collectors or better known as ‘G-Shock-freak’ are experiencing the frogman frenzy when it was first release to the mass. The Frogman never fail to impress the owners once it is on the wrist.

This ‘aquatic masterpiece’ resurface along with several other G-Shock 25th Anniversary Limited Edition releases. The New Frogman GW225A-1 comes with a solar power and dive function. The Casio Frogman GW225A-1 is prepogrammed with an auto calendar that will accompany you until 2039.

Apart from its great look and neat design, the ‘Frogman’ uses minimal battery with its power saving function. The watches also includes battery power indicator and can last until five months on full charge. But one thing to note that the solar power frogman, though a great watch, does not come with a waveceptor that will keep track and sync the time whenever there is a radio signal at night or idle time to assure you get spot-on time. This is probably one of the watches setback. But, it is important to note, with the solar power technology the watches has an accuracy of +/- 15 seconds per month

The frogman diameters is 49.6 milimeters and the case thickness is at 17.7 milimeters. The case is made of titanium. The Size of the ‘frogman’ is slighty bigger than the usual G-Shock collection.

Among professional diver’s, the frogman is considered a good diving companion to keep the time. Besides citizen promaster series, one can go diving comfortably with a ‘frogman’. The Casio G-shock Frogman GW225A-1 water resistant is up to 200 meters. This watch is definitely one of the best muscular design automatic dive companion. If you are not diving with it, just wear it with style anywhere you go.